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Ost - sum of parts (callboys)

Tom ‘Pelé‘ Peeters
Ost - sum of parts (callboys)
Pool Needle


When the Belgian fiction series Callboys (2016) is sold abroad, the international rights to some pieces by composers Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky prove too expensive. However, the music is not part of the actual soundtrack, which has always been composed and compiled by Jimmy Dewit. But the score of the over-the-top video production of a few gigolos has to sound more bombastic. That's why the fictional film The Sum of Parts (clandestinely) makes use of existing work.

For the broadcast on the Flemish channel VIER, the credits Zimmer and Jablonsky are neatly indicated. But in the meantime Callboys has also been sold to a number of other countries, where the series is being dubbed. To limit the costs, director Jan Eelen asked Tom "Pelé" Peeters - house musician in Adriaan Van den Hoof's theater shows - to credibly replace the score of The Sum of Parts. Nobody noticed the difference...