Max Berlin – Elle Et Moi 12inch

Max Berlin
Elle et Moi
Music Mania Reprise

“Un coin de rue”, (French for street corner) are the very first words of the song “Elle et Moi” by Max Berlin, a sexy song that became a New Beat underground classic in the 80s and a much sought-after gem among dj’s all over Belgium. Situated on an obscure street corner in Ghent, legendary vinyl walhalla Music Mania will be releasing a beautiful reissue of the legendary song.

The hot and heavy track is filled with French Gainsbourg-style sentences like “aimez-moi” (love me) and “sa voix m’appelle” (her voice calls me) that are whispered in a way that will make every lady urgently get down to business. If you add to that a groovy but very slow disco beat, you can be sure to have a classic on your hands. If the singer then appears to be a cousin of disco legend Cerrone, you know that it’s time to get to the record store and buy yourself a copy. Aimez-moi? We sure do.

Elle et Moi”, will be out Recordstoreday 22nd april 2017. Brought to you by Music Mania Reprise, the new sub label of Music Mania Records