With "Transatlantic" the Ghent based latin jazz collective Compro Oro released their catchy
debut in 2015. The band explored traditional latin and cuban rhythms intermingled with
wild guitar riffs and exotic vibraphone infusions. Their recent feat ""Bombarda"" digs deeper into several ethnic music traditions and leaves the audience dancing on dark grooves with a tinge of psychedelica.
Don't expect a merry salsa gang or mini skirt dancers sipping cuba libre's in the ""noche
caliente""-atmosphere of touristic Havana. Compro Oro offers wild, profound and uncanny
flavours, slowly fermented in some dingy slum's basement.
A track like ‘Miami was a nice place in the 80s’ takes you to a dark sweaty beach bar, while
‘Ababa Boogie’ and ‘Greetings from the colony’ evoke a jungle trip on LSD.
Or: a twang-American, psychedelic underground road trip to Africa, the Middle East and
the Americas. This is psycho etno party music!